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How to integrate PHP HTML Help .chm file with Crimson Editor

A common feature of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is opening a relevant topic in help system by pressing a function key such as F1 when a word is selected in the IDE. Crimson Editor has made this extremely flexible.

Here we show you how to integrate PHP Help Manual with Crimson Editor.

  1. Download and installed PHP Help Manual

  2. Open Crimson Editor, click Tools -> Preferences and select User Tools.

  3. In the relevant fields of the User Tools, fill in the arguments shown below.

    We assume that you have installed PHP Manual in the following directory:

    • Menu Text: PHP Context Help

    • Command: C:\php_manual_chm\php_manual_en.chm

    • Argument: $(CurrWord)

    • Initial Dir: $(FileDir)

    • Hot Key: F1 (press F1 key will enter F1 into this field)

    Here is a screenshot of the Crimson User Tools:
    Crimson Editor source code editor user tools setup.

  4. Click OK to apply the new settings.

  5. Testing the PHP keyword context help in Crimson.

    • Open a PHP source code file inside Crimson Editor.
    • Put the computer cursor inside a PHP keyword that you want to look up.
    • Press F1 key.

    You should now see the PHP Help Manual is brought up in front of you with the keyword automatically typed into the search field and the relevant topic displayed if found.


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