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Agent Ransack - the professional file searching utility

Agent Ransack is a free tool for finding files and information on your hard drive fast and efficiently. When searching the contents of files Agent Ransack also displays the text found. Users can then quickly browse the results without having to separately open each file!

Platform: Windows

Have you ever experienced the frustration of using the standard search utility that Windows offers? No sweat any more! Agent Ransack is a free, professional, and easy-to-use file searching utility. Both normal computer users and IT professionals will find Agent Ransack is a extremely useful tool (both for clarity and simplicity) for accomplishing complex searching tasks.

Agent Ransack file searching utility

Options window:
Agent Ransack options window

Agent Ransack provides compelling advantages over similar search tools:

  • Extremely fast searching.

  • Side-by-side file list view and content view.

  • Simple searches for ordinary, non-expert users.

  • Regular expressions that allow expert users to do complex rule based searches.

  • Regular expressions testing to make sure that your regular expression is correct.

  • Search criteria can be saved as template (.srf file) and reload for later use.

  • Search result can be saved to either clipboard or a physical file as a Text, Comma Separated, or Tab Separated file.

  • Immediate contents results view (with the text highlighted if you search text within the file).

  • Agent Ransack provides both a basic interface, similar to Windows Search, and a more advanced interface for the 'Expert user'.

  • Various wizards to walk the user through the searching process.

    1. Search Wizard in the Basic interface walks the user through the information required to perform a search. It provides examples of searches and also gives tips on efficient searching.

    2. Expression Wizard in the Advanced interface walks the user through constructing regular expressions for both file name the file contents searching.

After you have used Agent Ransack for a few times, you will never want to go back to Windows Search utility again. Click here to download Agent Ransack.

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