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Free and extremely secure encryption software

TrueCrypt is a software system for establishing and maintaining an on-the-fly-encrypted volume (data storage device). On-the-fly encryption means that data are automatically encrypted or decrypted right before they are loaded or saved, without any user intervention.

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac

TrueCrypt is a very useful, free, and open source encryption software that can protect your files, folders (as well as all sub-folders and files), a partition, entire non-system disk (such as USB flash drives), or entire system disk. The protected system can only be opened and read by correct password and/or correct encryption key file.

TrueCrypt main window

To encrypt data, TrueCrypt creates a storage area called volume. Once the volume is created, it must be mounted to be used. Depends on what data you encrypt, TrueCrypt creates three types of volumes:

  1. File-hosted volume
  2. Partition-hosted volume
  3. Device-hosted volume

If the volume is created to encrypt files and/or folders, the volume is just a simple file (normally called file-hosted volume or file container). It can have any type of file extensions. A file container is a normal file so you can work with them as with any normal files. For example, copy and paste, moved, renamed, and deleted, etc., the same way as normal files.

Scenarios of what you can use TrueCrypt for

  1. Create a password protected container on your computer that only you can view, create, edit, and delete its contents and attributes, including all files, folders, and sub-folders.

  2. Your laptop got stolen but no one can get access to your sensitive data you stored on the laptop.

  3. Send an entire folder / directory with all its contents over the Internet without having to worry about losing its data or getting sniffed. What you need to do is create a TrueCrypt file-based volume.

  4. Maintain off-site backups of your data without compromising security.

  5. Protect data stored on portable storage devices such as USB thumb drives, floppy disks, USB hard disks, etc.

  6. Protect data on an entire physical partition or disk.

  7. ...

Cross platform support

TrueCrypt supports Windows Vista/XP/2000, Mac OS X, and Linux.

TrueCrypt volumes are independent of the operating system. You will be able to mount your TrueCrypt volume on any computer on which you can run TrueCrypt. On the TrueCrypt download page, there is one installation file for each operation system. Select the one that suits your operation system.

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