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How To Drive Free Targeted Website Traffic By Link Exchange

Inside This Article
1. Why websites exchange links
2How to choose good link partners
3User Friendly and Search Engine Friendly Link Directory
4How to maintain your link directory

Why websites exchange links

Link Exchange is the process of exchanging web links with other sites that are, ideally, related to your website's theme or content.

Link Exchange can also be called Reciprocal Linking, Link Campaign, Link Trading, or Link Swap. At the end of the day, link exchange is all about increasing your website traffic and consequently, you will do better online.

There are two main reasons why people would like to exchange links.

Reason #1
Two web sites covering similar themes can both generate extra visitors by a link exchange - each site adds a link to the other on their pages. People follow links from one site to another to search for more information.

Internet is composed of countless links and these links are the blood vessels of the World Wide Web. Traffic to a website can be seen as the life blood and they come from blood vessels. Suppose you have 100 quality links coming from other websites, if each link brings you 1 visitor per day, you will have 100 unique targeted prospects every day who actively seek information or products related to your website.

Reason #2
Building quality links on your site can increase your website's PageRank in Google and boost your website's rankings in all search engines in general. As a result, when someone types your targeted keywords or keyphrases into a search engine, your website will be listed higher in the SERP (Search Engines Results Page).

Download and install Google Toolbar and PageRank info is displayed on the toolbar. This info is not installed by default. You need to enable Page Information from Options button. Enabling PageRank information has privacy implications.

You may ask "If I compare Reason One and Reason Two above, which one is more important and brings me more traffic?" The answer is that you can safely put search engine ranking to the second consideration and you should concentrate on building links and your ranking will climb up as a natural result of quality link building on your site.

Tens of thousands websites compete with you for a higher ranking. Obtaining a top 10 position in SERP is not easy to achieve and that's why there are so many SEO firms out there to provide expert services.

To the worst case, if your site were banned by search engines because you carried out blackhat SEO, where would you get traffic from? The answer is your link partners, or other forms of web links such as discussion forum posts, archived usenet messages, ezine articles, website testimonials, banner ads, email messages, weblog messages, etc..

If you spend time to exchange links with hundreds or thousands of quality websites, targeted traffic will come to your site anyway. At the end of the day, targeted traffic rules and your effort will be paid off very well in the medium and long run.

In the next section, we'll talk about how to find good link partners.


Inside This Article
1. Why websites exchange links
2How to choose good link partners
3User Friendly and Search Engine Friendly Link Directory
4How to maintain your link directory
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