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1. Solved - fix Windows sleep mode problem

After upgrading to Windows 7, 8, 10, many Windows users experience the repeated problem where the computer goes into sleep mode after 2 minutes idle. This article shows a couple of ways to fix the problem for good.

2. Failed to play test tone

This article shows you the detailed steps to fix Windows 8 Pro sound problem "Failed to play test tone".

3. How to permanently erase a file from disk to make it unrecoverable.

Deleting files insecurely could result in privacy concerns or stolen data by a third party. This article shows how to erase them forever.

4. How to recover a deleted file from a formatted disk (USB, hard disk, etc.)

What if you want to recover the deleted files after the Recycle Bin is emptied or the disk is formatted?

5. How to install and show classic Windows Explorer and Start Menu on Windows 7 and 8

This article shows you how to install classic Windows Explorer and Start Menu on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

6. Two useful features of 7-Zip

Here are the two useful 7-Zip features that are often overlooked by people like me.

7. How to make your computer run faster and last longer

Do you want your computer run faster and last longer? Read this article to see practical guide from personal experience.

8. Convert DVD Movie to AVI file in 6 simple steps

Converting VOB file (DVD based movie format) to AVI file has never been so easy with this free and powerful tool.

9. Why MP3 disk does not play in your car CD player

Do you make audio disc the right way? Read this article to find what can go wrong with it.

10. How to convert video to audio with ease

My search for a free and powerful video to audio converter started a couple of months ago when I downloaded some music videos from Youtube but wanted to play them on the CD player in my car. The search ended up with the free and open source software ...

11. How to download web videos (Youtube, Metacafe, etc) to play on your computer

There are many software (free or paid) available to save internet videos. Some tools are standalone applications and some are web browser based or website based online tools. The one I have been using is a Firefox add-on called ...

12. How to install Ubuntu from USB drive

The standard approach of installing Ubuntu desktop operating system is burning and booting an installation CD. This has been detailed in How to install Ubuntu Desktop article. If you have trouble burning and/or booting from CDs, or you don't want to burn a CD, Ubuntu or other Linux distributions can be created and installed from a USB drive. Here I listed the essential steps for creating a bootable Ubuntu installation USB drive.

13. How to install Ubuntu Desktop

Nowadays people start to explore and use Linux on their older computers because Linux is much leaner than Windows and so suitable for older computers. Another important reason is that Linux is free to download and use. Among the many different Linux hybrids to choose from, Ubuntu is currently the most popular Linux desktop distribution.

14. How to make AutoPlay take a particular action when the device is connected to computer

How many times you have selected "Open folder to view files" when connecting a USB stick to your computer (Windows XP in particular). This AutoPlay prompt is just annoying. Would it be nice if you don't have to select anything and the USB drive is automatically opened for file viewing?

15. How to resize one or more photos (in batch) with Microsoft freeware

Many times the photos taken by digital cameras are too large for storage on digital photo frame, attaching to emails, or used on a website. It's very common that you will want to resize a photo or all the photos inside a folder for a batch processing. There are quite a few image resizing software on the internet to download. Microsoft Image Resizer is one of them.

16. How to use Windows Task Scheduler to automate computer tasks

Windows 2000 (XP or greater) comes with Task Scheduler Service that can be used to enable a script, executable program, or a document to run at a designated time. It's like cron jobs on a Unix/Linux server.

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