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Prerequisites for MySQL Query Practices

To fully understand and exercise the tutorial practices, you need to install the following software and script. They are all free to download for your personal use.

  1. Firefox browser.

    Firefox browser maintains the format of SQL SELECT queries in the practices so when you copy and paste the SQLs from the browser to SQLyog query window, the SQL format is kept as is.

  2. Download and install MySQL Server.

    The practices were first written by using MySQL version 5.0.27. They should work on any newer versions of MySQL. You need to have at least version 5+ as the Northwind script uses charset and collation for character columns. If you found a practice does not work, check your MySQL version.

  3. Download and install free MySQL client tool - SQLyog free Community Edition.

    The practices were first written by using free SQLyog Community Edition v6.16. They should work on newer versions of SQLyog. If you found a practice does not work, check your SQLyog version.

  4. Download the Northwind database script for MySQL.

    This is a zip file. To unzip, you can use open source file archiver 7-Zip.

  5. Restore the Northwind database script.

    Click the link above to open an article which illustrates steps to restore MySQL Northwind database by using SQLyog. After restoring the database, you can execute the practice queries in SQLyog Query window to see how each of them work. Compare your result with the result given.

    Occasionally you need to change some data in the database to be able to obtain desired query output. There are instructions to show you how to change some of the data.

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