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Fix MS Access error: Query must have at least one destination field

I have had tolerated this MS Access error for so long and finally I decided to do something about it.

"Query must have at least one destination field."

Background info:

I have an Access form with a few buttons. One of the buttons opens up an Excel spreasheet by select some data from an Access table and then display them in Excel. I use VBA command DoCmd.OutputTo to do the job, see below. The DoCmd calls a pre-built Access query to select the data.

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "qry_2ndQuarter", acFormatXLS, "2ndQuarter.xls", True

Most of the time it runs without any problems, but once in a while it errors out with error message like this "Query must have at least one destination field.". It's caused by the fact that the SQL query inside qry_2ndQuarter is deleted by Access on random basis.

I debugged step by setp and the sql is definitely erased after running DoCmd.OutputTo command. So after years of frustration (used Access 2003 and Access 2007), I decide to tackle it by VBA code rather than trying to figure out why it got deleted randomly.

I used to manually rebuild the query by pasting SQL into it after it got erased. Now I use VBA code to automatically rebuild the query if the SQL of the query is automatically deleted by Access. This freed me to do more productive work than being a manual labor of copy and paste.

Dim strQueryName as String
strQueryName = "qry_2ndQuarter"

Set objDB = CurrentDb

If objDB.QueryDefs(strQueryName).SQL = "SELECT *;" & vbCrLf Then

    '' Delete the query

    '' Re-create the query
    qdef = objDB.CreateQueryDef(strQueryName, "SELECT * FROM Sales WHERE quarter=2")
End If

'' Output to Excel
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, strQueryName, acFormatXLS, "2ndQuarter.xls", True

Note that after Access deletes the query's SQL, it seems that Access rebuilds it by putting in SELECT *; as the SQL (In some versions of Access, the emptied query can be SELECT; instead of SELECT *;). Access also adds a carriage return character after the semi-collon so in the code we need to check if the SQL is equal to "SELECT *;" & vbCrLf

Hope this article helps you happily complete your work and solve the exact problem you are probably facing.

Happy coding!


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